who run the world (girls)


there is literally nothing I don’t like about Lilo and Stitch and its accompaniments.

May 8


Hetalia girls without their bangs or their silly hair ornaments

May 2

Since a lot of us nations are actually busy, it’s usually Prussia’s job to talk to that Japanese guy and tell him about us. A side effect is that he lies about everyone, including himself, in ways that he sees fit.

Sometimes he really just deserves a frying pan to the face.

If “Awesome” means “scared of rats, short, runs into walls, and obnoxious”, then yes, he is as Awesome as has been said.

May 1

I wouldn’t say always.

(background painting is by Joan Miró— i feel like spain would have a bunch of abstract paintings u__u;;??)

I fully agree with you that no one HAS to look at this blog; furthermore, people are allowed to characterize the characters however they wish. However, you asked concrit and when someone DOES provide it, you say that we're "ragging" on Carrie and that we should just "make our own blog". (I find it funny, actually, that you're the one getting defensive because I actually love your answers, Eden. Carrie has lovely art and does a good job IMO with some of the ladies, but some seem very off-base.)


Hey, Eden here again!

Hm, I might have sounded a little like I was going back on what I was trying to say! I meant, someone could send us a message anytime politely saying— something along the lines of “Hey, it’d be cool if you tried to play (character) more (shy/anxious/stubborn/etc)!” That, I would take as creative criticism and I’m more than 1000% sure Carrie WOULD respond to (she deals better with creative crit than I do actually lol), but just saying you “don’t like” how she answers just seems rude to me and doesn’t really HELP anything, you know? And I take that, even if you had no offense meant, as “ragging” on her, because you’re just stating your opinion for the sake of stating it and not really even investing a worthwhile objective criticism to add anything to the blog. It’s kind of like if someone came up to you and just said, “Wow, I don’t like that shirt on you.” and then walked away. Like, it just seems very condescending to me, even though they (the anon) probably didn’t mean it that way.

No harm, no foul if you feel that way! But OF COURSE I got defensive because, well, there’s a reason I wanted to do an ask blog with Carrie— She’s one of my best friends and I feel very strongly about someone digging into her work. I’m glad you love my answers, but this blog is really just meant for fun for both of us and honestly it’s a little striking that people are taking it as seriously as they are?? I mean, I guess I respect that, what artist DOESN’T want their drawings to be “taken seriously”— but real talk, these are fictional characters, and it’s like…

I don’t know how to further explain my feelings— but TL;DR if you have helpful critique and can actually phrase it in a polite manner (I know, it’s difficult for some people, especially with the anonymous factor) then both of us would be more than happy to listen— but if you’re just sending an ask for the sake of being like “wow, I don’t like how you answer!” then I just find that childish and, well, that’s all I really have to say on the topic.

Thanks for your feedback!

( Woah sorry for that little lapse of drama y’all )

I don’t want to be rude but I’m kinda agree with the anon. To be a “strong” woman you don’t have to stop being cute. So, for me some characterizations here are kind of OoC, anyway every person can have different opinions about the female characters.
“cutesy” probably wasn’t a good word to use— I didn’t mean they couldn’t be feminine or cute to not be strong, frankly I think Carrie MAKES them feminine and strong all at once so—
but holy shit you have ENOUGH ask blogs where they are really cute and “”IC”” or w/e so I don’t really understand why you’d waste time ragging on her interpretation. Man, if you want and have your own strong ideas about the ladies, make your own ask blog??

at the artist carrie; i dont think the hetalia girls would act this way?


Hey anon!
Eden here, I am the other mod of this blog. :-)

Hetalia is a pretty nifty thing in that a majority of the characters have very vague “canon” personalities, namely the female ones— who consequently are snubbed as being “minor” or “side” characters (aside from maybe Hungary, but she’s still not a “”MAIN”” character that a ton of people flock to). While this is a tad infuriating for many fans because it seems like Himaruya blames his lack of many female characters on the fact he ‘just can’t draw them’ (pause for incredulous eye roll), it becomes less of an issue when you realize that that ultimately leaves more room for each individual person to add their own opinions, headcanons, emotions, etc. to a character.

While I respect your opinion, I find it a tad— no, I find it very out of line for you to place any sort of judgement on how Carrie characterizes the ladies she answers for. Namely in that you are on anon, so I’m faced with the issue of having to answer this in public instead of getting back to privately, and also because you’re not really pointing out any specific things you “”think”” she should work on. Maybe if you “”think”” of some specific things you’d like to see her take a stab at instead, I would take this as being helpful critique instead of just you… well, not really contributing anything with a vague opinion neither of us are getting any feedback from!

Anyway, if you’re put off by the fact she plays them as “stronger” characters with more in your face personalities rather than their hoity-toity “”cutesy”” characterizations (not that there’s anything wrong with that, either— I wouldn’t say someone was particularly wrong for playing them that way) well, then you have the choice of not looking at this blog? Carrie puts a lot of effort into her answers and frankly it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for you to throw that sort of thing at her just because she doesn’t answer the way “you think she should have.”

Wow, I really apologize if this sounds snippy, but I get so put off by people going on anon and just ragging on someone who DRAWS OUT NEARLY EVERY SINGLE RESPONSE and takes time and real effort to work on something.

Like I said, I totally respect your thoughts but I’m not a fan of how you articulated it. Try giving us some real feedback next time, thanks!

Absolutely never has.